It’s the written work that initially drew Alex to their studies of Communication, and this continues to be one of their specialties. They’ve worked with newsletters, metadata, social media, and copywriting–on both internal and external levels.

Presently, they’re putting many of these talents to work at SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement, promoting events as well as the office’s podcast, Below the Radar. Some of their duties include promoting weekly episodes, writing copy and metadata, planning & outreach for events, and moderating the office’s social media pages and presence.

At their previous job, local disability advocacy organization posAbilities, Alex did much of the same. In fact, they not only wrote social media copy, but often made matching graphics! Other major achievements include creating the first draft of the 2021 posAbilities Annual Report, and helping with planning and outreach for Inclusion, BC’s largest disability arts show. Finally, they compiled a hub of inclusive summer camps across the province, which is still available on the site today.

Alex has also used their communication skills in various volunteer environments, including on-campus groups. They’re the Communications Executive of SFU Poetry Club, and helped put together SFU We Were Here, a zine project which highlighted (and compensated!) the visual and written works of queer students on-campus.

Additionally, when working with the Averno franchise, they founded and wrote the monthly newsletter, highlighting the achievements of various members of the team.