Alex Masse, AKA Fairything, is a writer, musician, and student (and possible changeling) from what is colonially known as Vancouver, BC. Their work has been seen everywhere from the Scholastic Writing Awards to Autostraddle, as well as in collaboration with Penelope Scott, Vancouver Pride, Simon Fraser University, and more. They’re also a neurodivergent nonbinary lesbian, which greatly affects their process.

For Alex, art is a means of expression and connection, both with themself and others in their community. When not writing, they’re making music, and when not making music, they’re writing. Occasionally, though, they can be seen working on their degree, or cozied up with their cat.

In a Nutshell…

Writing-wise: they do poetry, prose, plays, articles, scripts, and a bit of narrative design.
They’ve brought this to festivals, literary magazines, theatre, podcasting, anthologies, and more.
Sound-wise: they do production, songwriting, performance, sound design/tech, and composition, alongside some voiceover and editing.
They’ve brought this to festivals, albums, theatre, film, podcasting, and more.
Communication-wise: they do newsletters, copywriting, content creation, web auditing/upkeep, graphics, and social media.
They’ve brought this to theatres, nonprofits, and a university podcast.

They’re the quintessential renaissance queer, and they’re always down for new connections and collaborations. :^) Feel free to poke around this portfolio site for more examples of work!