Alex has been songwriting on the regular since around 2019, and it’s been an exciting journey! Their poetic roots greatly inspire their lyricism, and they embrace that with pride. Much of their compositional skill is owed to their time as a concert flautist, and they credit their unique melodies to that background. Recently, they had one of their original songs showcased at QUEER DIGITAL INTIMACIES, a digital gallery by The Haven, believed to be the first of its kind as a digital transgender multimedium art gallery. They also had their formal songwriting debut in musical theatre through Homing In, a project with Fabulist Theatre. They’re also a member of the Maestra Music Directory.

Recently, they completed their second year in the Vancouver International Film Festival AMP Program, for musicians looking to work in film & visual media. This mentorship paid off, as this year they scored & produced the tracks for two

Today, Alex is constantly learning and enhancing these abilities through freelance work and collaborations, such as with their band, Webpage 505.

Speaking of: here’s Webpage 505 a piece Alex helped write.

View more of their commissioned work here: