Alex is an accomplished producer, composer, lyricist, songwriter, singer, instrumentalist, sound designer, and performer. They release much of their music under the alias FAIRYTHING.

As of 2022, they have two independent releases under the Fairything name: A YEAR, MOONBOUND, and LOST LUNAR LEVELS.

“Lost Lunar Levels” is Alex’s second EP, a collection of instrumental tunes created as a spiritual successor to their first release, “A Year, Moonbound.”

“A Year, Moonbound” has received radio play on both CJSF and KVRX, and “Lost Lunar Levels” also charted on the former.

Alex’s music varies from instrumental electronic compositions to dreamy, reflective bedroom pop. Some major collaborators include Penelope Scott, The Haven, ANDA Records, Broadway Records artists through a project known as Averno, and more. They’re also currently working on an LP with several Averno alumni, which features remastered pieces from that era as well as songs about the experience of being in the Averno environment.

Alex has also been commissioned to provide music for a variety of other mediums–a webseries opening theme, a podcast introduction, background music for a short film, sound design for an art installation, a good old-fashioned “I Want” song for a musical theatre production, and even background music for a Twitch stream.

Current Projects

  • Outta The Woods (upcoming collaborative LP, 2022)
  • Webpage 505 (virtual band, formed in 2021)
  • The Probability of Forgiveness (musical–Alex is part of the composition team for it)
  • Afterglow (multimedia universe–Alex is both producing and composing pieces for various ventures within the franchise)
  • SFU Gamedev Club (member of SFU gamedev club, composing for an upcoming release)

For more information on Alex’s musical/auditory practice, check out the dropdown links under the Music tab!