Alex is an accomplished writer, with awards and publications on both the local and international scale. They’ve worked in everything from fiction and poetry to journalism and communication.

(One of Alex’s prized possessions: a Scholastic Writing Awards Gold Key!)

Alongside accolades from the Scholastic Writing Awards and publications in various local outlets, Alex has been a Staff Writer on SFU’s school paper, The Peak, and is currently writing a webnovel, FREAKSPOTTERS, which is free to read on Tapas. They’re also preparing a second novel to be queried–an OwnVoices solarpunk fantasy starring a neurodivergent nonbinary protagonist that deconstructs its monarchy and the chosen one trope.

Alex has also brought their written work to the stage at a number of festivals, such as the Vancouver Fringe Festival and Vancouver Pride.

Below is a brief list of their current literary commitments. Feel free to explore the Writing menu for specific work samples.

Current Projects

  • A YA novel seeking traditional publication (Fantasy/OwnVoices)
  • Faye’s House (One-act play, Fantasy/OwnVoices, currently being written with The Arts Club)
  • Freelance Article Writing (Featured in She Does The City, Autostraddle, Diem, and more)
  • Freelance Poetry (Featured in The Lyre, Vancouver Pride, IGNITE! Youth Festival, and more)
  • Untitled Poetry Collection

Current Collaborations

  • Member of the writing team for Callistaria (Indie animated series)
  • Member of the writing team for Afterglow (Indie podcast)