Alex has been a musical performer since 2013, starting as a concert band ensemble flautist that occasionally dabbled in jazz and folk. Their solo performing career started in 2020. That said, it hasn’t taken long for them to find some incredible stages, including Vancouver Fringe Festival, UBC’s Pride Picnic, and Vancouver Pride. They also did an online performance for Gender Equality New York on Transgender Day of Visiblity!

Alex often performs music and poetry with their QChord, and a typical set can be a mix of the mediums–with some cover songs occasionally thrown in.

Described as having a “lilting melody” and “mesmerizing” songs, they bring their all to every performance, and do everything they can to keep their skills sharp. They’re a principal alumnus of the Future Perfect Project’s Performing Arts Intensive, where they were taught by legends such as Tony nominee Caitlin Kinnunen, but also happy to learn from their fellow small creatives and owe a lot of their practice to those peers.

Performance Footage Coming Soon!