As both a Communication student and musician, Alex obviously spends a lot of time thinking about sound–and not necessarily just in the musical context. Their communications work has allowed them to explore a number of different applications for sound, most notably in the world of podcasting.

Alex spent most of 2022 at Below the Radar, a knowledge democracy podcast, where they deepened their knowledge of the audio world through both hosting/presenting on the podcast itself and working on its more technical aspects, such as recording and editing.

Alex is also an alumnus of the Future Perfect Podcast Project, working with incredible people like Celeste Lecesne, co-founder of The Trevor Project, to create a podcast that represents and celebrates queer youth. They helped produce, ideate, and overall complete the pilot episode, as well as composing the opening theme.

Outside of their music software, Alex has used Audacity and Adobe Audition in both academic and professional environments.