Alex began their journey in the world of scripted writing with their mentorship at the Frank Theatre, which focused on poetry and playwriting. Since then, they’ve taken on mentorships at Gateway Theatre, The Arts Club, and, most recently, Real Wheels Theatre. They owe much of who they are today, not just as a playwright but as a creator, to the Vancouver theatre scene, and remain infinitely grateful to it.
One of their first plays was a digital affair, known as The 2020 Group Project–a sort of freeze-frame of what being in university during 2020 was like, give or take a musical number. It was brought to life through Gateway Theatre.

Their other short play from this time, Grandma Boo’s House, was a fabulist tale of necromancy, intergenerational bonds, and the trauma of being forced to take on too much when you’re too young. It was workshopped and eventually performed through The Arts Club, at its LEAP Festival.

While Grandma Boo’s House was an unarchived one-night reading, The 2020 Group Project can be viewed in full below.

Alex’s first digital play: The 2020 Group Project! Written based off their frustrations as a uni student during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After thriving in the theatre scene, Alex also dove into the world of scripted visual and audio media. They were in the writer’s room for Infectious Love, a quarantine romantic comedy webseries by the LA-based JeanJacques Productions. Today, they’re in the writers’ room of Callistaria, an upcoming indie magical girl series, and they’re the script supervisor of Afterglow, an upcoming indie podcast from fellow Averno alumni about a town and the world where its dreams come to life.

They’re also independently working on their first full-length plays, Fairy Lights & Faye’s House. Fairy Lights is an ambitious, ensemble-cast piece that’s essentially the strange lovechild of The Boys In The Band and Alex’s own experience as an out queer college student in the late 2010s and early 2020s. Faye’s House, meanwhile, is the story of an autistic woman with the power to escape into her own pocket dimension whenever she’s overwhelmed–and what she does when a coworker ends up in there with her.

Completed Works

  • Grandma Boo’s House (performed in 2021 with The Arts Club through LEAP Playwriting Intensive)
  • The 2020 Group Project (performed and recorded in 2020 with Gateway Theatre’s Creating in New Spaces; view it above!)


  • Callistaria (Writer’s Room, Independent animated series, 2022-present)
  • Afterparty (Script Supervisor, Independent, podcast, 2022-present)
  • Infectious Love (Writer’s Room, JeanJacques Productions, 2020-present)


  • Real Wheels Playwriting Circle
  • LEAP Playwriting Cohort Level 1
  • Telling it Bent, Poetry and Playwriting
  • Gateway Theatre, Creating in New Spaces