Alex got their start in prose, not just as a writer but as an artist in general. It’s where their heart belongs, to this day. Beginning with quirky tales of unicorns and outer space, Alex has since changed their tune but never left the speculative behind. They consider their specialty to be the #OwnVoices Fantasy genre, specifically of the YA/Adult/General Audience niches.

The Freakspotters! As drawn by the lovely @abjlk_

Alex also recently completed DREAMING CLIMATE CONSCIOUSNESS, a mentorship in writing activist speculative fiction.

Notable Publications


  • Peter K. Hixson Memorial Award, Honourable Mention (2021)
  • International Scholastic Writing Awards: Gold Key in Fantasy (2018)
  • International Scholastic Writing Awards: Silver Key (Overall transcript) (2018)
  • #TeenPit: Semi-Finalist (2018)

Current Projects

  • FREAKSPOTTERS, a free-to-read webnovel on Tapas and Royal Road following Camilla Wilde, an autistic college student who’d rather read about aliens than pick a major. She founds a club for supernatural phenomena on campus, hoping to find likeminded people she can talk about UFOs with–and gets a lot more than she bargained for. Turns out vampires are real–and witches, and the fey, and werewolves. Also, they want to turn her PNW hometown into an oasis for magical beings, whether humans accept them or not. Quirky, campy, supernatural, and sapphic, it’s a project Alex does for fun between more serious works! Read it on Tapas or Royal Road!
  • An #OwnVoices Fantasy novel currently being queried to agents. It contains a nonbinary main character, found family, neurodivergent representation, and a solarpunk aesthetic.
  • Also various short stories, which are being sent about to various literary magazines and similar publications. Keep an eye out!