Commissions, collaborations, and so on are currently in a soft open for writing and music–if you want to work with me, feel free to reach out! That said, I don’t have a proper sheet or page detailing my prices or the like, as I’m still figuring that all out.

In general, though, I try to go on a “pay what you can” model. For example, I won’t charge someone commissioning for personal purposes the same as I would an indie group, and I wouldn’t charge an indie group the same as I would charge an established platform. I’ve also been paid in art trades before, so really, I’m flexible!

Again: feel free to reach out, and we can probably make something work!

Below are some of my specialties–check out the Work Samples pages for details, as well as examples of what I’ve made for other people and groups!

As a Writer, I’ve Been Paid For…

  • Poetry
  • Prose
  • Articles
  • Essays
  • Plays
  • Scripts
  • And various works in communications (newsletters, blogs, copywriting, ghostwriting, internal and external outreach and documents)

As a Musician, I’ve Been Paid For…

  • Vocals
  • Lyrics/Songwriting
  • Production & Composition
  • Sound Design
  • Background Music (short films, video games, and Twitch streams alike!)

I’m always happy to work with others, as it lets me hone my craft, build my portfolio, and make connections!