Alex’s composition journey began in their high school wind ensemble, where their fascination with music made them an explorer–they’d learn the parts of other sections and soloists, make medleys of their own sheets, and pursued classical and jazz training outside of class.
During their ventures in music production, this intrigue only grew–they got their start rearranging old songs they knew and loved, specifically using video game soundfonts they’d grown up listening to. Their time with the Averno franchise only deepened this interest, where they regularly worked with musical theatre composers. These artists shared their own experiences and advice, and that truly awoke Alex’s urge to add the craft to their repertoire.

Today, they work as a freelance composer. This summer, one of their tracks will premiere as part of a major collaborative project with Fabulist Theatre! They’re also making music for a couple of indie musicals and projects, most notably The Probability of Forgiveness, some upcoming work with other former Averno members, and a couple of independent video games. They were also a member of the 2021 Vancouver International Film Festival Talent Accelerator Program, for musicians hoping to create tracks for film and visual media. Additionally, they’re a member of the Maestra Music Directory.
While their more serious work undergoes workshopping, enjoy a recent commission for a 48-hour short film project, and a remastered version to show Alex’s potential when not working under such time constraints.

And as a bonus, here’s a creative rearrangement of Last Christmas by Wham! on a Pokemon soundfont, for a good mix of nostalgia and holiday charm.