Fairything at IGNITE! Youth Festival, 2022

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The genderweird dyke of your daydreams, making music to watch the sky to! Alex K. Masse, AKA Fairything, is a synthy, sapphic, singer-songwriter solo act (and probable changeling).

Their self-released debut, A Year, Moonbound, revelled in a modest success that caught the eye of many future collaborators. Since then, Alex has been everywhere from Broadway Records crossovers to online multimedia collectives, from Vancouver Pride to working with the incomparable Penelope Scott. They’re also a member of the ban Webpage 505, twice-featured on genre-bending digital art collective Goop House. Their most recent single, “Desperate & Dazed,” was workshopped with Vancouver’s Producer’s Lounge, where it was praised for its “fantastic pace” and “indie, innocent vibe.” It stood out with its punching lyrics, dreamy soundscapes, and–of course–the sparkling Omnichord synth that’s become a trademark of the Fairything sound.

“You need to listen to this tune from Fairything. It highlights the best of the bitpop genre, bringing forward simple yet impactful lyrics enveloped with jingly synth and omnichord progression.” – Alexa Terrayo, Permanent Rain Press

Much of their musical inspiration comes from In Love With A Ghost, The Scary Jokes, Tikkle Me, and the video games & cartoons they grew up on. These influences shine through in their unique melodies, poetic lyricism, and the dreamy, synthy sounds of their Suzuki Omnichord. They also compose and produce freelance for a variety of mediums, including podcasts, video games, and short films. When not making music, Alex is probably writing, working on their Communication degree, or spreading magic in the local arts scene. They’re also a neurodivergent nonbinary lesbian, which greatly affects their process.

“The lilting melody of Masse’s voice, even as emotion charged through the song, was mesmerizing.” – Kelly Chia, The Peak, on a previous performance

Fairything at Vancouver Fringe Festival, 2020



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