Alex considers themself to be a musical jack-of-all-trades, and their body of professional work reflects that. Below are some of Alex’s previous commissions and publications, with price points, details, and links where applicable.

All Spotify Releases

Notes: All my work released on Spotify, including collaborations and solo works.


Title: [untitled]
Collaborator: Ambynt + Aloeveria
Link: Below
Value: N/A
Genre/Medium: Pop, Electronic, Songwriting/Vocals
Notes: Some lyrics I wrote and sang for my longtime friends and collaborators, Ambynt and Aloeveria. As we have an ongoing creative partnership and are regularly on-call to each other, this wasn’t compensated, but it’s an example of what I can be called on to provide!

Production/Composition/Instrumental Work

Collaborator: CHERRY! & Penelope Scott
Value: 30% of royalties
Genre/Medium: Indie, electronic, singer-songwriter
Notes: Part of a collaboration with artists CHERRY! and Penelope Scott. Alex provided some instrumental additions with their Suzuki QChord.

Title: “Fly”
Collaborator: MegaPacKid
Link: Watch the video here!
Value: $50
Genre/Medium: Instrumental backing track to a short student film created in less than 48 hours as part of a creative challenge.
Notes: This is a remaster of the song itself, to represent what could have been made if not for the limited timeframe.

Title: “Raven BGM”
Collaborator: Raven “TwoSpiritTrickster” John
Link: Below
Value: ~$80 (paid in art trade)
Genre/Medium: Electronic, Instrumental Background Music
Notes: Created to be background music for the client’s Twitch channel.

Title: Untitled Jingle
Collaborator: JeanJacques Productions
Link: Below
Value: $60
Genre/Medium: Jingle, Short, TV-inspired, Background Music
Notes: Created as the opening theme for a webseries.

Sound Art/Sound Design

Title: “Vines Soundscape”
Collaborator: Vines Art Festival
Link: Below
Value: $250
Genre/Medium: Experimental soundscape created for an art installation, Sound Design, Electronic, Found Noise
Notes: Created and paid for by the Vines Emerging Artists Program in the summer of 2021, as part of a group project.

Title: “Hugo 7”
Collaborator: Averno Franchise
Link: Below
Value: ~$20
Genre/Medium: Background sound to character monologue, Eerie/Atmospheric, Experimental, Sound Design
Notes: One of approximately nine compositions created for Dazed, a short film from the (now defunct) Averno franchise. While many of the original files are now lost, this one remains–albeit only an older, unmixed draft. If the final version is ever recovered, it will be uploaded accordingly.

Programs and Mentorships

Title: Talent Accelerator Program
Collaborator: Vancouver International Film Festival
Link: N/A
Value: $300
Genre/Medium: Creative mentorship experience
Notes: A 3-day creative program for musicians of all genres and mediums to learn more about the role of music and audio art in the world of film and digital media. Notable guests included Natalie Holt (Loki) and Linda Perry (4 Non Blondes)

Title: Future Perfect Project Performing Arts Intensive
Collaborator: Future Perfect Project
Link: N/A
Value: N/A
Genre/Medium: Performing arts mentorship
Notes: A multi-week performing intensive, of which I was a principal alumnus. Received direct songwriting advice and performance feedback from Caitlin Kinnunen, Isabelle McCalla, and Benjamin Velez.