A collaborative collection from Averno alumni

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Outta the Woods is a unique release, based on Alex’s time as a musician for the now-defunct Averno franchise, which had a triple-album deal with Broadway Records and was even featured in the New York Times. Unfortunately, the team fell apart due to creative differences in the working environment, and as a result, virtually all Averno content was wiped from the web: theatrical works, film works, and podcasts alike, as well as all the songs Alex wrote.

Outta the Woods is equal parts conservation effort and farewell letter. Alex didn’t want their work on Averno to disappear forever, and leapt at the opportunity to rerelease it on their own terms.

“You need to listen to this tune from Fairything. It highlights the best of the bitpop genre, bringing forward simple yet impactful lyrics enveloped with jingly synth and omnichord progression.” – Alexa Terrayo, Permanent Rain Press

The LP single, “Desperate & Dazed,” was recently featured in a workshop with Vancouver’s Producer’s Lounge, where it was praised for its “fantastic pace” and “indie, innocent vibe.” It’s one of two completely new tracks made for the collection, containing the punching lyrics, dreamy soundscapes and harmonies, and–of course–the sparkling Omnichord synth that’s become a trademark of the Fairything sound.

“Desperate & Dazed” is about not only feelings of rejection within Averno, but the trials of various unhealthy relationships and workspaces where Alex’s voice and well-being were ignored, something all too common for emerging artists today, especially marginalized ones. It’s an anthem of survival and solidarity.

“The lilting melody of Masse’s voice, even as emotion charged through the song, was mesmerizing.” – Kelly Chia, The Peak, on a previous performance

This LP also contains remastered rereleases of the work Alex made with Averno, songs from fellow Averno alumni Hales Nicole and Tessa Barcelo, and production and mixing from rising creative collective ANDA Records.

Electric, bittersweet, and cathartic, it’s a gem not to be missed and Alex’s farewell to this stage of their life.

Artist Bio

Alex Masse, AKA Fairything, is a writer, musician, and student residing in what is colonially known as Vancouver, BC. The arts are a longtime love of theirs, and their work has been seen everywhere from the Scholastic Writing Awards to Vancouver Pride, as well as in collaboration with Penelope Scott, Broadway Records artists, and more. Their synthy bedroom pop style and lilting voice create music to watch the sky to, be it for clouds or constellations, and draws inspiration from In Love With A Ghost, The Scary Jokes, Tikkle Me, and the video games & cartoons they grew up on. When not making music, Alex is probably either reading, writing, thrifting, working on their Communication degree, or hard at work in the local arts scene. They’re also a neurodivergent nonbinary lesbian, which greatly affects their process.



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